Thursday, January 29, 2009


So we are at the hospital and Sammy's surgery has begun. I can't tell you how hard it was to leave my little girl in the OR after they put her out. She was so happy this morning, and they gave her some medication to relax her before she went in, it was so funny she was acting like a little drunk girl! They came out to update us a few minutes ago and so far things are going well although they haven't started the actual surgery yet, they are using some tools to look at the tumor before they make the first incision.

Zach and I are just so nervous...I didn't think it would be this bad, but holy shit, my kid is having surgery on her brain! I will do my best to keep everyone updated through the day, but I am having a hard time accessing this site from the hospital for some reason.

Keep sending Sammy your positive thoughts!


  1. All of our love and prayers are with you today.
    Love, Aunt Lee and Uncle Dave

  2. Stay strong Amanda and Zach. Sammy is a fighter and she will make it through this still happy when she wakes up because you both are great parents! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  3. We will all pray for strength for you and Zach. Sammy is in good hands. You are stronger than you realize. We all can't thank you enough for taking the time to keep us all informed. Think positive thoughts:) Know that all of us from Maine are ready to help with anything that you need!
    All our love,
    Rob, Beth, Anthony & Lauren Benson

  4. Hi all....sending TONS of positive thoughts and prayers your way. Amanda, I can't even imagine how difficult this must be for you and Zach. Just lean on those around you and know that the rest of us are supporting you in mind and spirit.
    Love, Aunt Jodie & Uncle Peter

  5. Its just a short time now though it will seem like eternity. She'll pull through in no time! Ii wonder what kind of goodies or treats she'll be craving when its over?? In the old days kids used to get ice cream after getting their thonsils removed, maybe she'll want brain food! Keep rolling out the positve thoughts!!

    Love Jim, Laurel, Jack and Jim!

  6. I am praying and thinking about Sammy every moment of every minute today. Also, many members of your FISC Family have been asking if we have heard anything yet. All of us are here praying for her today. Stay strong. We are here supporting you today and always.

  7. Bill & I said a very special pray to all our guardian angels last night. We asked them to be with Sammy today & ensure that her surgery is a success, as it will be:)
    This morning, during my Yoga/Tong Ren routine, my intention was Sammy's successful surgery.
    It's okay to be nervous but stay strong. Your little girl has an amazing family & huge support network to help her through!
    Thank you for keeping up posted :)
    Jenn & Bill Adams

  8. Good Morning to the Wozich Family!
    Yesterday was a long day for you all and today is a new day thank god for that! I am so proud of how you all worked together and stayed strong through the surgery! Sammy is one very blessed child indeed. Dave and I have carried you in our thoughts and in our hearts every moment and will continue to do so as you all recover from this challenge. We are looking forward to your return home!
    Much love is being sent your way!!!!!
    Dave and Aunt Sandy