Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 2009 MRI Update

So Sammy had her first post operative MRI at Children's Hospital in Boston today. She did so well during the test, I was so proud of her! She was really scared during her last MRI and she wasn't looking forward to having another, but she was so brave, the worst part was probably the IV, but even with that she barely cried!

So after she had the MRI, we headed over to the Jimmy Fund Clinic to get the results...which were GREAT! Her scan shows that there has been no new growth and that the hole that the tumor left is shrinking as it should (in this case it looks like it shrunk by half). She has some spots along the edge of where the tumor used to be that are still "reflecting" on the MRI, but there is less there than there was directly after her surgery. They don't know if the "reflecting" is residual tumor cells or if it is scar tissue caused by the surgery...but as long as it doesn't grow, it doesn't really matter! And, it actually got smaller! So at this point, we wait and see what happens. We don't do any treatments and continue on with MRI's every three months for the next year.

We are so pleased with the results and are choosing to believe at this time that the "reflecting" in her MRI is scar tissue, but even if it isn't we know that the type of tumor she had is very responsive to therapy.

We would like to thank everyone for sending positive thoughts and prayers our way, we really believe that it has helped. We plan on staying at the Ronald McDonald house tonight and heading to the Aquarium tomorrow to have some fun!

Thank you!